The Complete Guide to Child-Centered Musical Theater

The Complete Guide to Child-Centered Musical Theater

A philosophy that employs children's creative skills to have ownership in every musical performance.

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Dance, Music, Theater, And Visual Arts Bring Beauty Into A Child's Life.

Children ARE Musical Theater!

The Complete Guide to Child-Centered Musical Theater is based on the concept that all children have innate creative ability to be an integral part of the final product, THE PERORMANCE.

Patricia Rickard-Lauri (a.k.a. "Miss Pat" to her students)

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Who It's Written For...

The Complete Guide To Child-Centered Musical Theater is written for adults as instructors of musical theater and drama:

Artistic Directors of Performing Arts Companies

Music & Drama Teachers in Elementary Through High School

Home School Parents & Guardians

Designated Staff & Personnel for After School Programs in Libraries, Community Centers, Churches, and Summer Camps

Theater & Drama College Majors (as a textbook) with an Interest in Becoming Future Artistic Directors of Youth Performing Arts Companies, or a Chosen Related Professional Field

Princess Maria arriving in Norway on the Winds. From the musical The Adventures of Princess Maria In Norway.

What's Inside?

Dance, music, theater, and visual arts bring beauty into a child's life.

Contents include:

- Philosophy

- Musical Theater, the Stage, Proposed Calendar, and Sample Lesson

- The Major Performing Arts

- The Major Related Visual Arts

- Character Roles and Development

- Practices and Rehearsals

- The Performance and Cast Party

- Theater Glossary

- Concluding Remarks

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